New Post as Draft created from app

This is a new post draft. see what happens

Issues with the editor are
  1. Can’t assign a H1 or any other to the text. no html UI for the formatting
  2. Linking to external url is quirky. Works from text but not images
  3. Images can be inserted but only largest size by default and no way to change size
  4. images can’t be linked to external url, it creates local / url
  5. Posts cant be assigned to a specific Category
  6. Posts can not be tagged either.
The list pretty much shows that this app can’t be used as wordpress post manager or editor, it is very limiting and pretty much useless.
Good try but useless.
Issues are so great that I wouldn’t be able to use this app even for free. it would just sit in my app folder.
Good bye!

The Wilde WordPress publishing app for Mac Review

Ok, this is the first attempt to use Wilde wordpress blogging publishhing app for mac. 

What will determine the actuhal usabilitiy is the features it has or doesn’t in comparison to the native wordpress interface.
This includes.
  1. Tex formating. basic and advanced. the limitations
  2. Image manipulation and publishing options
  3. Attachment functions, Image attached as featred option or not. 
  4. Adding or creating Categories and Tags. Changing Category for the posts.
  5. Pages creation and control
  6. Gallery feature.
So here is my first heading and an image insert

another image 

So the image we were able to insert from the local computer using drag-n -drop. which prompted and upload to blog requirement and we complied. also it can insert remote url.
the Wilde publisher is not able to select different size of images, it used largest file by default and can’t link the image to anything either from UI. 
This is the biggest problem. Many images are large and this is the reason wordpress is cutting them and resizing them into different disizes so we bloggers can choose the appropriate size. this app skips all that and jams in the largest file = not acceptable. 
  1. you can’t choose the size of the inserted image
  2. You can’t assign a post to a category